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Soup Of The Day: Creamy Chestnuts and Crochet Cephalopods


Good morning! Albert Baker here, did you want some soup? You did? Well that’s fortunate isn’t it as this is a soup kitchen and… hic…and today I’m serving up some deliciously creamy Chestnut soup from Willow at

chestnut soup.jpg

And while that is simmering away I think I’ll pull out my knitting bag… What’s that? You think a gentleman cannot indulge in a little crochet or tatting in his spare time? What century are you living in?!

Well today I am crocheting this lovely little octopus from Kali at The Friendly Red Fox to add to my stack of Wizmas presents for the little street urchins who come here to the soup kitchen…

Free Octopus baby toy pattern.jpg


Right now, I must get on and serve this soup, see you again next week I expect, good day….hic…

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