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Festive cheer from the parlour cats


Good Meow-ning! Welcome to the parlour… I’m afraid there is nobody here but us cats this morning; Max and Collin have, yet again, spent their rent money on illicit tea and tiffin and so their landlord, Montmorency, has sent them out onto the streets to sell Lemonade until they have enough money to settle the debt. Sadly, we fear they may be there for some time as they keep drinking the Lemonade instead of selling it. All the same, we hope they do not get arrested by The Good Folk and hanged, that would be a shame as we wouldn’t get to steal their milk ration any more.

We wish you a very purrrrrrfect morning and hope to see you again soon, do drop by next week for tea, even if the boys are not returned, we shall be here so until then please be always, the one who gets the comfiest cushion.

The Parlour Cats.

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