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Morning Cuppa: Safe Haven

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to Max and Collin’s awe-inspiringly amorous and remorselessly romantic parlour located within the splendidly scenic city of Lancaster!

True, some have called it a dark-hearted affair riddled with unrequited fancies but we consider that such people are merely embittered that they have not yet received an invitation.

You find us this morning waltzing around the parlour, tripping over eachother’s tentacles and generally getting our heads in a giddy spin because this week, here in The Scattered Isles of Ire, we are celebrating the ‘ festival of (almost) unconditional love’ during which all citizens (well, all those who value their necks so that’s us obviously) make an ostentatious show of celebrating the love that Wiz has shown to us all by doing all he can to prevent us frenziedly nomming ourselves into early graves (ie, banning tea, cake and magic from being consumed by  the general populous) …a-hem.


And to kick off this week long love-fest we have this adorable Lovers’ Tea by Rooted Earth and to accompany it, this sweet steampunk romance…


Safe Haven is the prequel book in Margaret McGaffey Fisk’s Steamship Chronicles and if you are looking for a book that is heavy on the steampunk with an interesting love story intertwined with the plot (and without any unwarranted bodice ripping or token macho-chaps sticking their pistols where they aren’t wanted) then we think you will adore this book as much as we did.

When Lily’s father dies the responsibility of caring for her younger sister, Sam, falls to Lily. But Sam is a Natural – someone who understands the dreams of machines…and in order to keep society safe, the law decrees that all Naturals must be locked up.

Henry is desperate to carry on the high principles and altruistic achievements of his predecessors and although his job in the local police force doesn’t quite provide him with the opportunities he craves to do this, he is certainly doing his best to be a champion of the poor, combat these lunatic Naturals and keep innocent citizens safe from their monstrous creations.

Will Henry’s burning desire to ‘do the right thing’ and Lily’s commitment to protect her sister be the tools which drive them apart or bond them together?

We loved the steampunk world offered in this book and the originality and ‘freshness’ of the plot. The characters were adorable and we will definitely be reading the next book to see what happens to them all next.

Now then, time to pop our oracular pet into his cup and see if it has any ideas for celebrating the love of our kind and benevolent dictator…


Splendid! We wish you all a very splendid morning filled with amorous suitors and absinthe flavoured hearts and we invite you to join us tomorrow for elevenses so, until then, please be always,

Utterly Yourself



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