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Soup Of The Day with Punk Fairy Sally Jacob


Hello! Mrs Albert Baker here, otherwise known as The Last Witch Of Pendle. Obviously there is no Pendle any more, since those dreadful land pirates, The Chronic Agronauts, utterly destroyed it with treacle and sprats, but I’ve set myself up quite nicely here in Lancaster, running this little soup kitchen for the street urchins. There certainly are a lot of them and I’m always looking for helping hands to cook up and serve something delicious!

Helping me this morning is Punk Fairy artist and creator , Sally Jacob! Good morning to you, my dear, thank you so much for flying in to help me in my soup kitchen today, Sally, I see you have brought the sunshine with you! Now do please have a seat here at the table and I will put the kettle on. I hope your journey to our dimension was a good one?

Well, I always love flying in – especially on a broomstick!

Splendid! It certainly looks good weather for it! Well now before we take a look at some of your marvellous artwork, tell me, have you brought some soup to share with the orphans?

Sadly my skills at cooking are very lacking, so I haven’t been able to bring any homemade soup with me. However I am more than happy to provide somebody else’s soup!

Not to worry my dear you know Mr Temperance and Miss Plumtartt left some of their ‘interesting’ brew behind when they last visited, I have been looking fr an excuse to get rid of it before it eats somebody. Now, while that is simmering away nicely, why don’t you show me some of your wonderful creations?

I’m sharing one of my more recent paintings, called “Bound”, which I feel has steampunk undertones, and an older piece called “Broken”, which has some fun steampunk wings. I’m also sharing a magpie feather and watch movement fascinator, clock hands headpiece and Octopus and titanium quartz necklace.

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Your creations are absolutely stunning my dear, and your artwork is wonderful ! Have you always had a passion for art?

Thank you, art has always been a big part of my life, it’s not necessarily that I consciously decide to keep painting, but the ideas are always there and I have to express them. I was always creative as a child and I don’t think I ever stopped. I get to express that creativity now with my artwork and also the jewellery and headpieces I create.

Marvellous, and what attracted you to Steampunk in particular?

I love the mixture you get with steampunk, you can have so many ideas and put them together and they just work. I have always has a passion for history, and I love that with steampunk you get to give it unusual and interesting twists.

Indeed, and where do you draw your creative inspiration from for each new piece?

That’s hard to say, I get asked this a lot and I don’t have a definite answer. My art is very much shaped by my life and the things my brain is processing at any given time. I will get mad moments where I’m obsessed with painting certain things (the latest one was moths!) and I will find that little part will inspire a whole painting. With the jewellery and accessories I will usually become inspired when I find a component, or I’ll want to make an elaborate headpiece with a sort-of character in mind.

And how do you source your materials?

Well, painting wise its straightforward art shops. With the jewellery I make I love to include found objects like keys, bits of watch and clock … and my headpieces often include vintage beading and trims, sometimes taxidermy all of which I hunt down at local flea markets.

If a customer wanted something particular, do you take custom orders?

Absolutely, I’m always happy to take on custom orders.

Ah, now the kettle is boiled, can I offer you both a hot beverage? What would you like and how do you take it?

Tea with milk please, you can’t beat a good cup of tea!

 Here you are, now do tell me, where can we find your work displayed, featured or for sale?

My work can be found for sale online, via my website, and in the real world I trade at various events in the Southwest.

Wonderful! Well thank you so much for coming to help out in the soup kitchen today, Sally, it’s been wonderful to chat with you and I must say that soup smells delicious. I think it must be about ready and the little urchins have their rosy noses pushed up against the glass in anticipation so shall we start dishing it up before it becomes hostile?

I think that’s an excellent idea, and thanks for having me here to chat.



A pleasure my dear. Thankyou all for joining us today and I hope you will cme back and see me next week, until then, 

Blessings on your brew my dears!





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  1. What lovely artistry!


    April 16, 2017 at 4:38 pm

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