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Morning Cuppa: My White Dahlia

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome back to Max and Collin’s deliciously dark and delightfully delinquent parlour located within the splendidly scenic city of Lancaster.

True some have called it the dingy , disused cellar of an abandoned fish factory but we consider that such people have no imagination.

You find us this morning surprisingly glad of our relocation to this veritable fortress of subterranean artisan workmanship – having endured the screams of the poor unfortunate souls who were unable to find shelter from the flesh eating Liver Birds last night we are now counting our blessings! But, as ever, we are in need of a good cup of tea and something excellent to read whilst we sip it…



We are utterly besotted with the writing of CM Blackwood, but after being thrilled by the horror and suspense of ‘Who Murdered Dr Damien’, we were not sure what to expect from this first book in her new floral romances series. Slowly, slowly, page by page we were ensnared by this intensely dark and heart breaking novel. Nothing is two dimensional here, nothing can be taken at face value as the layers of character and plot depth built until we felt that same psychological intensity that is the hallmark of good horror writing… but this is a romance novel isn’t it? Yes, yes it is, but it is a romance novel for fans of deep, dark, psychologically thrilling fiction.

The power imbalance between Adette Salazar , desperate and vulnerable assistant, and her new employer, the infamous and alluring author Dahlia Frobisher , is stark but both women are strong, passionate and determined to succeed in the post-war London that is still a male dominated playing field.

Cautious friendship develops slowly and awkwardly into a strained but passionate romance between the two women as guards are lowered and raised in an enthralling emotional interplay between two desperately lonely women, whose horrific pasts sit like grim ravens upon their shoulders. Will Adette and Dahlia be able to leave their demons behind them and lose themselves in the loving relationship they both crave? Or are the ghosts of the past too powerful to be forgotten?

This novel left us exhausted, exhilarated and ravenous for more – we can’t wait for the next book in the floral romances series.

And now that is the kettle singing, won’t you join us in a refreshingly delicate brew of Jasmine White Tea from Rosieleatea? 

We wish you a most satisfying afternoon and hope you will join us again tomorrow for elevenses, when we will be showing you our first #inktober instalment,

So, until then, please be always

Utterly Yourself.



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