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Frost Fair: With David Lee Summers



Good Morning! Welcome to the Annual Lancastrian Frost Fair on the frozen River Lune!

My name is David Lee Summers and I write the Clockwork Legion series which tells the story of how a small town sheriff and a healer from Persia stood up to the Russian invasion of the United States in 1877 and changed the world as a result. You can see my wares displayed here for your perusal, please feel free to browse at your leisure…

The novels are:

Owl Dance Lightning Wolves

Brazen Shark Owl Riders


If a short read is more to your liking, characters from these novels have also appeared in short stories featured in the following anthologies:

Straight Outta Tombstone  Den of Antiquity

Zombiefied Hazardous  Lost Trails 2


Thank you for stopping by and I do hope you enjoy your time on the ice today. It is truly an honor for me to be here at the Lancastrian Street Fair. If you care to follow me in other venues you can find me at the following places on the web:




Twitter: @davidleesummers


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