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Frost Fair: With Ceri Harper-Leigh and George Shorttail


Good Morning! Welcome to the Annual Lancastrian Frost Fair on the frozen River Lune!

My name is C. Harper-Leigh and I write fully illustrated childrens books suitable for all ages, where the hero is a small grey bear named George Shorttail.

You can see from the display that there are two to choose from, there is “George” wherein the eponymous hero engages with piratical squirrels. The other involves him traveling to Mars through a series of happenstances involving a small grey striped cat. It’s style is the same comedy vein as Monty Python, Blackadder, and Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy.


I also have released a Detective novel that most certainly isn’t for kiddiwinks called “Nothing New Under The Sun” . You can see my wares displayed here for your perusal, please feel free to browse at your leisure…
NNUTS Front Cover

I hope you enjoy your time on the ice today, thank-you for stopping by. (You can see updates and the occasional tweet on our Social Media Pages…)

Ghost Bear Publishing.)

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