Steampunk fiction, reviews and interviews

Frost Fair: With Jennings Paranormal Investigators


“Good day, good day, sir, madam? Apologies it’s a little difficult to tell with that hat and scarf. But welcome anyway to my little emporium on the ice, Honest Al’s Antiquities. We have some most marvellous examples of authentic articles from Greece, Rome and Egypt. Oh you’ve been to Egypt? Really! Oh well, best you don’t look too close at those then.

Maybe you’re more the literary type? I have something here you may enjoy.



It’s a most amusing and exciting collection of stories about a pair of amateur sleuths solving supernatural crimes. In fact I have a little cameo myself, although the author rather libellously presents me in a somewhat dubious light. It cast terrible aspersions on my good character and moral fibre.

No I couldn’t say why that genuine Grecian urn has a “Made in China” sticker on it. I can give you 10% off for that. No? Well, a very pleasant day to you, enjoy the rest of the Fair.”

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