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#indiethursday: A Matter Of Temperance

This #indiethursday I’m sharing my love of…


“Hello, is anyone there?” “This is Ichabod Temperance, transmitting from the year 1875.” “Do you read me?” “Oh my Goodness! We’ve got trouble, y’all!” “Ever since that strange comet passed our world, not only have there been more than just an overwhelming amount of steam and spring inventions popping up all over Earth, but there also have been uncanny monster sightings as well! Well, almost sightings, as these inter-dimensional, over-legged, eyeball-clustered beasties are nearly invisible to the human eye! That is where my own enhanced inventiveness has gotten me into misadventure as I alone have created a device that allows me to see the hippo-sized craw-daddies.” “Maybe Fate had a hand in my goggle development, for it led to my meeting the most beautiful girl in the world in this year of 1875. Now it’s up to me and Miss Plumtartt to save our planet from being gobbled up gone!”



To compensate for my lack of time to do long reviews just now, I’m using the #indiethursday hashtag to share the indie love and point at some fabulous indie books I’ve enjoyed reading 😀 If you are still waiting for your review please be assured it is in the pipe line, it is only that work and family is leaving very little time for long stints of reading and writing just now, thankyou hugely for your patience and feel free to angry-email me or pelt me with hard cheese if you think I’m Extracting The Michael 😉

So, what fab indie fiction are you reading / writing this month? Blessings on your brew and best of luck with all your indie endeavours, lets keep flying the flag for indie writing!

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