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#indiethursday: An Oxford Holiday

This #indiethursday I’m sharing my love of…


For context, this is a short story – a step aside from the Ingenious Mechanical Devices Series which takes place after book 2 – but it can be read alone and, in fact, it was the first book I read in the series and the one in which I fell in love with Adam and Immanuel and their heart breaking story, so it can definitely be read without any prior knowledge of the series…

After a trying two months at Oxford dealing with miserable classmates and isolation, all Immanuel Winter wants is a peaceful weekend with Adam— two days where they could forget about the impossibilities of their future together.
But when the arrival of a radical female lawyer turns the university upside down, their holiday plans are put in jeopardy.
Will Adam and Immanuel be able to escape the horde of dons descending upon the city or will they be forced to postpone their plans and their future?


To compensate for my lack of time to do long reviews just now, I’m using the #indiethursday hashtag to share the indie love and point at some fabulous indie books I’ve enjoyed reading 😀

So, what fab indie fiction are you reading / writing this month? Blessings on your brew and best of luck with all your indie endeavours, lets keep flying the flag for indie writing!


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