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Light In The Lantern: With K.S. Trenten

Greetings! Welcome to Steampunk’d Lancaster! My name is K.S. Trenten, keeper of the Cauldron of Eternal Inspiration ( ) and a humble talespinner
whose stories can be found at as well as Nine Star Press, Mischief Corner Books, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Apple.

I craft flights of fantasy of an ambient nature, focusing more on the emotional than the action driven elements of
many a magical world.

Strange times have struck the Isles of Ire…Flesh eating Liver Birds plague the skies and Sugar-zombies roam the streets spreading the curse like a plague…and I can see the shadows of nightmare and imagination pooling together at the edges between worlds, ready to birth even more monsters in response to many a shivering, fearful soul, locked down within their homes,
hoping their humble shelters will be protection enough, and trying to stave off the madness which threatens in their isolation.

So some of us have decided to re-kindle the old beacon in the city watchtower and keep its flame burning every night as a way of giving hope to those being hunted down by terrifying monsters or evil scarecrow landlords…I can see one shuffling outside the tower walls. It calls
mockingly, desiring money, votes, or souls in many voices. I’ve come up with a cry of my own to keep it at bay, although I’m not sure for how long my strange chant will confuse it.

Never fear, gentle readers. I am well-armed with a fierce House Tigress at my side. She may be tiny (along with wide of girth), but she is heavy, armed with sharp claws, and has a piercing yowl which sends the scarecrow landlords staggering away. If she is not enough, her brother is within
the tower, paws full and nose nudging a doomsday weapon he’s cobbling together which he swears will save us all (don’t pin too much hope on that promise, Sage tends to exaggerate).

Nevertheless, both of my furry companions should discourage the invaders from outside. While we keep watch, I thought I’d share some of my work with you.

I’m currently busy working on Of Cuckoo Clocks and Crystal Coffins, the story between the story of Fairest, straight from the seventh dwarf’s mouth. Yes, it’s Quartz, the character who takes over my blog once a month. He’s demanded his own story. He’s seriously distracted me from the series dearest to my heart, Tales of the Navel: The Shadow Forest which I hope to self-publish.

Christopher, narrator of Conversations with Christopher at the Cauldron of Eternal Inspiration is from the Shadow Forest, although he found a home at the Navel, center of all things bizarre. The Shadow Forest and the Navel both at times appear in tales at the Formerly Forbidden Cauldron, which is slowly cooling to a simmer, due to the updates at Blogger. All samples of story are slowly trickling their way to the Original Cauldron. I do still have stories for sale, two are ripe for the holidays.

About those two. Here’s a little from Seven Tricks, straight from the muzzle of its scampering anti-hero of a mouse prince…

Some say a mouse king has seven heads. Hah, trust a human to get our legends wrong. A mouse prince must perform seven tricks before the twelve days of Christmas are up. It’s how he wins his crown, but I’ve got my whiskers set on something else. A stiff beauty with a magnificent
jaw, waiting for me under the holiday shrub. I caught his scent in a dream, which I’ve been sniffing after ever since. Scamper with me through my adventures and misadventures, dodging traps, cats, and giants, while I win a steadfast nutcracker’s heart.

Buy Links:
Nine Star Press:
Barnes & Noble:

And here’s a little about my other holiday tale; Wind Me Up, One More Time…

Grace Morisot gets Theodora, a toy bear for the holidays. A bear only she can hear. A bear she can go on special adventures with.
Once she and Theodora get together, life seems to be going quite well. She meet Heather and Heidi, whom become good friends and potential future wives. Heidi finds Carrot Monster, a rabbit companion of her own while Heather decides to save some nisse in a window from their depressing hats. 
Even though Grace’s mother is no longer around, she still has Nathalie, her adopted sister and surrogate mother, who tells wonderful stories. Nat has Maia, whom acts like a mother to Grace, even if she has a tendency to turn into Iama the Terrible when she’s been working too hard. 
Things come to an end when tragedy takes Nathalie away. The gears of industry, which
Grace has come to fear, threaten to take Maia away, too.
It’s up to Theodora Bear, Grace’s companion to somehow safe the day. Yet how can she do anything when her child is ceasing to believe in her? 

Mischief Corner Books/Shenanigans Press:
Barnes & Noble:

May my humble words help keep away the winter chill and my characters distract you from your gloom. Please come and visit me at the Cauldron as well…every week something is brewing in its waters. And watch out for those scarecrow landlords! They may give you an impression
weakness, flailing about, but there’s cunning in that stuffing, mark my words. And please don’t give Sage any more funding for his doomsday weapon! It’s not going to work, no matter how much he mews that he’s gotten all the glitches figured out…

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