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Light in the Lantern: with Nimue Brown

Greetings and salutations!

Welcome to Steampunk’d Lancaster. My name is Nimue Brown. I herd eldritch, tentacular creatures and soothe dustcats professionally. I’m here having learned about the flesh eating birds and the Sugar-Zombies. I know the general intention is to keep the flame burning, bring comfort in the darkness, and resist the terrifying monsters.

But, terrifying monsters? Excuse me while I rub my hands together in wild and abandoned glee. Would I lick a Sugar-Zombie? Yes. Yes I would.

While others are armed for the fight, I’m primarily going to protect you through the medium of distraction. It’s surprising how many unspeakable entities like to pose for a camera and a quick bit of portraiture. I’m hoping for interviews as well. Everyone gets bored with tearing the living limb from limb sooner or later, and hopefully I’m late enough to the party for that moment to have arrived! Failing that I’m just going to throw myself enthusiastically at them, but that tends to work out well for me.

Monsters are friends. Like Simon – who is a sea monster inhabiting the waters off Hopeless Maine. Pointy, always hungry, terribly misunderstood, Simon is very much my sort of people. I’m currently working on comics pages for the last book in the Hopeless Maine comics arc – having recently handed in the penultimate one. The haunted goth boi I live with (Tom Brown) does the drawing and then I get in for the colour, because he’s enough of a goth boi to find colour a bit threatening. I’m also working at the writing end on what happens on the island of Hopeless, Maine after the comics arc – for this I am aided by Japanese wizard Dr Abbey, who gave me an octopus knife and taught me how mermaids make blood candles.

My other recent exploits have included investigating the paranormal activity in Stroud – including wizard conspiracies, outbreaks of were-rhubarb and fairy kidnappings. I’ve shared my findings on Youtube (start here, Wherefore runs to 3 series – )

You can pick up pdf versions for free from my ko-fi store –

Otherwise, if you’d like to purchase any of my Hopeless wares you can find them pretty much anywhere that sells books. If you’re in America, Outland editions starting with Personal Demons are your best bet. For UK readers, The Gathering published by Sloth Comics is the place to start. You can find out more about what we do over at

If you’d like to connect you can find me here….

And for Hopeless Maine there’s these…

Thank you for joining me to keep the light in the lantern burning. I’ve heard some authors have had their spines ripped to pieces up here by those Liver Birds, and I’m fairly sure I’ve just seen one so I’m going to go and see how it feels about having its head scritched. I still haven’t managed to lick a Sugar-Zombie, but the night is yet young and I’ve not entirely given up hope.

Stay safe friends, and when things look ominous in the dark remember to seek out the friends who squeal with joy rather than terror. We are amongst you, and if nothing else, we’ll run happily towards the approaching zombies giving you time to make your escape.

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