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It is almost two years since I clicked the infamous ‘post’ button and sent the first tentative chapter of Smith and Skarry spiralling out into the aether… and now here they are, scrubbed and polished by our utterly ineffable editor Nimue Brown, suited and booted, with their own website and gorgeous illustrations by Robin Eisenberg and well on their way, we hope,  to getting printed and paraded about on street corners and stuffed beneath the windscreen wipers of hansom cabs and… well, you know the kind of trouble a couple of wayward wizards can get into…

Sadly I’ve had to say goodbye to our wonderful illustrator Robin who is off on her adventures in the USA, but never fear, while I’m searching for another illustrator who is as mad about tea, cake and magic as I am (surely there’s someone out there eh?) the world of Smith and Skarry will continue to expand and the creamy plot will continue to thicken!

Collin The Octopus and his Very Quiet Gentleman Friend, Max, will be here Monday, Tuesday and Thursday bringing you tea, cake and other splendid things from their rat-infested shack…hm? Oh sorry, chaps…from their “delightfully exclusive and perfectly private parlour” in Lancaster. On Wednesdays The Last Witch Of Pendle will be roping in lots of lovely creative friends to help in her Soup Kitchen and on Friday please join my other half Perilous Wight for Pipe And Slippers as he shares with us some spine chilling fiction from his lovely library.

I  am currently cooking up ways to fund the illustrating and printing – begging, borrowing, stealing, selling souls, you know, the usual kinds of things, so if you read the adventures and you like what we’re doing with them and you want to buy a soul or two, or are not adverse to being begged, borrowed or stolen from, or if you simply find it amusing to sit around and watch as we rampage about in ludicrous costumes with an entourage of all-singing-all-dancing octopi shaking buckets at people, or if you would like to give a home to a retired all-singing-all-dancing octopus, or even if you are affronted at the mere suggestion of such immoral shenanigans, do stick around and join the fun.More details on how you can support the publication of more curious, dangerous and nefarious adventures will follow soon!

So, whether you have found your way here because you are a faithful follower and supporter of Smith and Skarry who has followed our journey from the start, or whether you have stumbled upon us by happy and serendipitous accident, or whether you were lured here under false pretences, ‘welcome’  – we hope you enjoy The Curious Adventures Of Smith And Skarry…

Penny Blake  –