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Cream Power

Professor Massey Demerara, a noted Alchemist working at the Towers Of Wizardry in the capital city of Lichfield, was approached by a team of engineers who had designed a way of revolutionising skyway transportation.

Instead of the hippo’ton-drawn carts which plodded slowly along the skyway rails, transporting goods and, more recently, people, from one city to another, safely out of the reach of marauding landships, they proposed to build a steam-powered locomotive which would pull the carriages at greater speed and with greater safety.

They needed an efficient and readily available fuel to heat the water in these engines and thus produce the steam to power them.

Curiously, Professor Demerara had recently been experimenting with finding a use for the large amounts of cream being discarded from the Perpetual Tea Party in Boss Town and the Highly Exclusive Tearooms in the Closed County Of Devon.

Professor Demerara realised that the rancid cream eventually gave off hydrogen gas – a perfect fuel for use in this new locomotive engine.

He devised a chamber in which sugar-loving microbes were fed a solution of sweetened tea (also a left-over from the tiffin tables of the elite citizens of Ire) and kept at a constant temperature of 131 degrees Fahrenheit. He then added the resulting sludge to the rancid cream in a second chamber where the new mixture was deprived of oxygen and kept at a constant neutral ph.

In just one week, the cream had yielded over eight times its mass in utilisable hydrogen gas.

Cream Power had been born and the New World swiftly rocketed into The Age Of Cream





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