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Cameo Libris

During your visit to The Scattered Isles Of Ire, you may encounter the following rogues…

Eightcups Max -A ‘Very Quiet Gentleman’


Recently escaped from Her Majesty’s high security prison in the sunken city of Hull, now shacked up with his octopus friend in a disused fish factory in Lancaster, plotting to re-join the revolution, available for parties, that sort of thing…


Collin – An OctopusIMG_6182


Accidentally washed up on the scavenger heap in Hull, rescued by Max and the two have been inseparable ever since. Collin breathes through a set of ‘gill goggles’ made for him by Rowland the Pirate Tinker.




Mrs. Baker – A Witch



Witchcraft is forbidden in The New World and Mrs Baker has been forced to lead a strange double life pretending to be her non-existent husband Albert. Some say that the strain of this has had an adverse effect on her sensibilities but we consider such people to be rude and insensitive…



Perilous Wight – A Grumpy Ghost



In life, Peril devoted his vast intellectual resources to undermining the tyrannical reign of Wiz. In death, his endeavours have been massively curbed as he is unable to leave his Lovely Library. Still, he welcomes visitors and maintains an active social life …. oh…no, sorry, actually he doesn’t…





Montmorency – A Sinister Scarecrow



Nobody likes to ask how a scarecrow became quite so disturbingly animate … but whatever his back story, Montmorency now ‘owns’ most of the slum area surrounding the Lancaster Docks. He also runs a lucrative racket, forcing his desperate tenants to sell illegal lemonade on street corners and pass him the profits. Nice chap…

Klapka – Neither a werewolf,nor a butler



Klapka is Montmorency’s hired thug. (And yes you can wave if you spot the connection!) She keeps the tenants in order and makes sure they pay up on time. It is extremely unlikely that she brings Max and Collin tea and cake like a butler, more likely these fancies are hallucinations brought on by having their heads knocked together…


images for montmorency and peril courtesy of

Mercurio Smith and Johnathon Skarry




Two trainee wizards flunking their first year at the Lichfield Collegium and instead applying their energies to opening a portal in the aether. To bring back The Goddess and restore tea cake and magic to The New World? Er…well yes that would be one possible by-product of the venture… but of course there is an obscene amount of money, fame and power involved as well…



The Chronic Agronauts


Land Pirates roam The Scattered Isles in gigantic steam powered landships hauling in tea and cake for their beloved Pirate King in his clockwork city of London. The most notorious landship is The Chronic Agro, captained by the capricious Jack Diamond (Max’s cousin) and his second in command Scarlet Skarry (yep, she’s Johnny’s sister and nope they don’t get on)