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Rogues’ Gallery



Here is a list of Ire’s most dangerous, desperate and wanted criminals…


These shifty coves may look like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths but in their darkened closets and back pantries they are secretly brewing illegal fizz and then selling it on street corners and in Tiffin Dens via their underground network of street urchins…

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Stand and deliver! – your Victoria sponge cake, or your life? Desperate times call for desperate measures here in Ire. The skyway rails which carry the queen’s tiffin high above the heads of the cake-deprived populous are not safe from the skywaymen on their mechanical pega’tons. Like cake-wielding Robin Hoods, they steal from the gateauxs of the rich and sometimes remember to give the crumby leftovers to the poor; bally heroes the lot of them…

CAT TREADWELL : With her arcane-carved crochet hooks and aether-charged knitting needles of mass destruction, Cat is the scourge of the skyway rails. You don’t want to cross teaspoons with this skywaywoman on a dark night! –


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Land Pirates roam The scattered Isles in monstrous Land Ships terrorising the aristocracy with their treacle cannons, spratapults and exploding tropical fruit. Expect no quarter here, they will make a mockery of your best tweeds and a shambols of your lace petticoats if you don’t hand over your tiffin…

CAZ GALLOWAY : Caz is one of the most ferocious members of the infamous Land Ship The Gentleman’s Relish, captained by Lady Grace De Coup. Wanted for terrorising the law abiding Lords and Ladies of Ire with their rampant poetry readings and robbing the Devonian aristocracy of their hard earned tea and cake.

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