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Hey, we know the coppers are tight, you’ve probably got The Good Folk on your back and you’re putting every penny towards your next Lemonade fix- we understand, we’re there too! We hugely appreciate whatever gift you can spare and to show our gratitude we’re giving you a ‘Patrons Only’ feed which will keep you updated with  all our progress ahead of publication! In fact, we love you so much we’ll even give you a free pdf copy of each novel your kind donations have helped support, plus occasional ‘behind the fiction’ posts telling you how all the science, history, technology, music hall and other gloriously geeky goodness in our books actually relates to real life!  We’ll also list your name and website in our Rogues Gallery on so that everyone will know you are an officially wanted criminal in the Scattered Isles Of Ire.


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What? Seriously? You’re going to share some of your hard-won, ill-gotten gains with us? Well, we’re blown away! …er, not literally though, please…no, no honestly put the gun down because look, we have wonderful gifts to offer you to thank you for your kind generosity! Of course you can have all the lovely things the lemonade dealers are getting and, because we really are a little terrified of you, we’ll even include you as a minor character in the book, short story or snippet we are currently working on and in your patron feed you’ll also get occasional bonus short stories, character musings, teabie sketches from Penny and other fun little snippets which the lower tier won’t have access to. And, yes of course, your name will be listed on our website as a wanted scourge of the skyway rails in The Scattered Isles Of Ire!


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So you’ve given your heart to the pirate king? Well he’d like to give you something in return! As well as everything the Skywaymen get, you will be assigned to the crew of a genuine New World Landship which steams out of the clockwork city of London. On our website you’ll be listed along with your other crew members as wanted criminals in Ire and we’ll send you a personalised printable wanted poster to pin on your wall! We’ll even send you a free copy of our first tea painted mini-book Utterly Myself to read whilst sunning yourself on deck between raiding and pillaging!


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If you can’t beat em, join em eh? As a teatime lord or lady you rule over your little patch of Ire with a fair and merciful hand…at least that is what your subjects hope. And in return for this service Wiz himself rewards you with as much tasty tiffin as you can handle! As well as the previously mentioned rewards, you get to choose your own tea time title (Lord Sponge or Lady Cucumber sandwiches for example) and have the option of sending us your steampunk portrait which will then be added to the gracious and esteemed benefactors page of our website. We will also send you a free PDF copy of Penny’s book ‘Mahrime; Mythpunk For Monsters’.