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#RainbowSnippets: Necromancers

Happy Saturday!

Hope everyone who did NaNo is super happy with what they achieved! 😀

After this post I’ve got two more Necromancers snippets planned and then after that I’m not sure what to post through December / January – I’ve got more Necromancers, which I’m still writing, Jack and Marjory is finished now but I need to edit and change some bits of it so there’s that, and Smith and Skarry book 1 is now out in ebook and paper back so I could snip from that… SO I thought it might be fun to make a poll and see what you guys would prefer 😀 – if you don’t mind one way or the other, that’s cool but if there’s something you would like me to post more of then you can VOTE HERE! 😀


Anyway, here’s my #RainbowSnippets post for this week (a wee bit over 6 sentences, sorry, but some of them are very short)  – if you’re new to this, Rainbow Snippets is a chance to read and share 6 sentences of LGBTQIA+ fiction every Saturday. There’s a huge variety from Steampunk, like mine, to Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Comedy and everything in between. You can join the fun and read all the other fabulous snippets at the wonderfully friendly and supportive official facebook group here.


About 500 plus years after the events in the first book (The Curious Adventures Of Smith And Skarry) a forgotten cult are still obliviously serving their long-dead leader, Wiz, and trying to find the secret of immortality. Sort of. Actually daily temple life revolves more around knitting circles, bridge nights and summer fetes… until two novices stumble upon the secret of undeath themselves and unleash a couple of very unlikely ‘gods’ (and one disgruntled octopus) upon the unprepared and erstwhile peaceful community.

If you missed the last part you can catch up here:#RainbowSnippets: Necromancers



“I see,” Reynard peered into another of the many bottles and gave it a little shake.
“Oh! You do, do you?” Vivienne continued to glare as Reynard rolled his eyes and turned his back on him, moving towards the only chair in the room and standing beside it.

Vivienne shook his head, “You know, sometimes I look at you and do you know what I see? I see the only person on this Wiz forsaken little island whose dark and twisted labyrinth of mental operations I can’t even begin to … navigate or … to comprehend. Is this all some diabolical form of amusement to you? Are you so tormented by my presence on this earth that you’re diverting the entirety of your order’s time and resources to driving me into an early grave? Is that it?”
Reynard examined his nails, “Is this about Immanuel again?”


Have a fabulous weekend folks 😀 And don’t forget to check in at the #rainbowsnippets facebook group for more fabulous snippets of LGBTQIA+ fiction